“Letting go and Letting God”

“Sometimes God lets things fall apart, so HE can put better things together…” And when things fall apart, you have two options. 1. Fall with it, because that’s what’s easier and gravity and sin is strong. or 2. Stand up and REFUSE to fall because you have God on your side. Right now, Standing up is the only option I have. But, if we are being totally honest, realizing that is a TON easier said than done. I’m not even kidding. I’m currently speaking from experience. But, a consistent phrase that is popping in my head is; “Let go and Let God.” If we give The Lord our concerns He takes them. If we give Him our fears, He takes them. If we give Him our issues, He takes them. The Lord takes everything from us, because He can handle it. So, in any situation just give it to Him. It’s as simple has that. And that isn’t easy. God uses the situations in our lives to grab us and teach us something. If you have ever asked God for patience, He isn’t going to give you patience. He’s not going to just be like, “Alright, Thanks for asking for Patience! Here’s some!! Good Job!!” God is going to give you a situation where you can develop Patience. Which is I think is kind of funny, just thinking about that makes me laugh. As I am re-reading this post, I am realizing that this is a collection of super random thoughts from today. But, That’s what is so cool about God, is that He gives us things to think about that are random, creative, and provoking.  




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