lots of lasts

Senior Year is full of MANY different things. Lots of NEW things but, there are a TON more LASTS. Today is my last HEROES Week Assembly. I’ve been a part of HEROES week for as long as I can remember. HEROES stands for Hands Extended Reaching Our Exalted Savior. I have absolutely LOVED getting to be a part of this week. I love the different organizations and the different charities we have been able to help. One of my favorite memories from HEROES Week is when my Mom taught at OCS and she was a part of the Teacher Auction. She auctioned off an Italian Dinner, it went for 300$ per plate in the end. And just with that Italian Dinner it raised 4500 dollars!! Another one of my favorite memories was from this year getting to see all the little kids selling their little crafts and seeing how excited they are to give money for HEROES Week. One other favorite thing that happened this week was helping my friends make Royalty food. I don’t think I will be able to eat any spicy pretzels for a while. This year we are raising money for Mission Generation. Mission Generation provides Christian based textbooks in Latin American countries. It’s currently benefitting almost 17 countries and over a million kids! It’s one of the COOLEST organizations I’ve ever heard of. This week we have raised 76,824.72. AND that is just a minimum!!! We have SO much still coming in!!! That means over 13,000 kids will receive a Christian based education! That’s SO exciting!!! The Elementary raised over 7,000 just by themselves! And the middle school raised over 15,000! Mission Generation is going to do big things for South America! And more kids than ever are going to be able to hear about Jesus!! I’m SO excited to know that our little OCS made such a big impact on the world! To think just because of us, 13,000 kids are going to be able to hear about Jesus.

It’s definitely VERY bitter sweet. Now, that’s it’s Spring the year is coming to a close. Everything kind of feels like it’s ending, when really things are about to begin in our lives. It’s incredibly exciting and totally frightening at the same time. But, When one door closes, another door opens. 


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