Rain is one of my favorite things in the entire world. I love it. I could listen to it and watch it for hours. There’s something about the way the streets look when it’s raining. I love the calmness it brings. I love the smell of rain. You know, that distinct smell that only rain has. I love the rain when it’s cold and rainy and I love the rain when it’s warm and rainy. I just really love the rain.

Tonight it was raining pretty hard here in E-Town, and my friends and I decided to dance in the rain. That was one of the most fun things ever. There’s a lot on everyone’s mind and for a good 10 minutes, everything was forgotten. We didn’t think about college, we didn’t think about moving, we didn’t think about relationships or friendships, we didn’t think about leaving each other in a few short months. We just let the rain, rain.

One of my all time favorite worship songs is, Let it Rain. It’s a super simple song we sing at church and overflow all the time. But, it is SO significant. The lyrics are, “let it rain, let it rain, open the flood gates of heaven. I feel The rains of your Love, I feel The winds of your Spirit .And now the heartbeat of heaven, let us hear.” Isn’t that strong? God’s love is so amazing, and He pours it out in so many different ways!! His love is shown to us in the sunshine, in the rainbows, in the wind, in the flowers, in the trees, in relationships, in the storms and in the rain. God doesn’t just save His love for only the pretty days, (ex. 72* with no wind and Partly Cloudy Skies). God’s love and kindness is shown every single day. Through a variety of different ways. I heard a little story once about a guy who’s car wouldn’t start, so he was late to work, and got stuck in a long meeting. He was mad at God and he asked God why He let him have such a bad day. God told him, “Your car wouldn’t start because I was protecting you from a wreck that you could’ve been involved in, you were late to work so you could meet someone who will help you in life, you got stuck in a long meeting because they are going to promote you tomorrow and they wanted to see how you’d do.” That’s obviously not a true story, but God does show His love in ways similar to that.

So, 2 things:
1. Know that God’s love comes in different ways, begin love that.
2. Don’t ever be too old to play in the rain.


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