Running into Whales

What some people don’t realize is that running away from God is a fruitless venture. Running away from Him is running down a path with no direction, no purpose, and no plan.  God is forgiving in every aspect but in the end HIS purposes will be realized. We will soon come to the realization of how and what His plan is. You can choose to live outside of His plans for you or you can participate and be a part of His beautiful, wonderful, never ending plan for your life. When we run from God we miss out on the joy of obedience. We miss out on how sweet the journey of HIS will is. A perfect example of a man who ran away but then found his way through Christ was Jonah. Jonah ran away from God. God asked him to do just one thing to extend His kingdom. To go and share God with the city of Nineveh. 

I’ve always found the character of Jonah quite comical. Just the way he thinks, makes me laugh and the whole story is kind of funny. The older I’ve gotten the more complex I realize this character really is. He could’ve just listened to God but instead he decided to run. And with that run in no eternal direction, it ran him straight into the belly of a whale. Quite literally, into the belly of a whale. Sometimes We are a lot like Jonah.   We are complex and sometimes funny in how we respond to God.  Now, I haven’t been in the belly of a whale.  But, sometimes we run from God’s plan because we are scared. We are really good about making excuses for not listening to God. We think we’re right all the time, when in all actuality we couldn’t be more wrong. God’s plan is something we can’t understand. Jonah didn’t understand why he was being called to Nineveh but, in the end he knew that was the plan for his life.

Running from God doesn’t get anyone anywhere ever. Trust in HIS plan, Listen to HIS heart, and Love watching HIS plan unfold in your life. 



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