orange scantrons

So, I’m sitting there with my orange scantron and 2 #2 Pencils trying to remember everything I studied the night and weeks before. The professor was late, of course he was. It was test day! Why on earth would he be on time for class especially a test day??!! I was trying to keep my cool, because it’s college and EVERYONE seems to have their lives together and this test seems to not worry anyone but me. ANYWAY, It was also really cold in the test room and no one else seemed to think it was cold. and it was super weird because there were like 300+ kids {Hello, the whole OCS high school could fit in this classroom}  in the class and no one seems remotely concerned about really anything at all. When the prof (<— it’s what the cool kids call their teachers… I guess.. or that’s at least what I’ve heard) passed out the test everyone just started it and finished in like 2.5 seconds. And I thought to myself, “WHAT IN THE WORLD. HOW DID YOU DO THAT. DID YOU EVEM READ THE QUESTIONS OR JUST MAKE A PRETTY DESGIN ON YOUR SCANTRON??” I was confused to say the least. As I wrapped up my test, I was one of the few who was still in the classroom and I thought for sure I failed it. And my poor little brain went all sorts of directions like:

“Well I am pretty sure I failed so I need to start and plan for the rest of my life and how I’m going to fix it.”

“well what if I actually passed it?”


“I hope Mom doesn’t see…”

“I literally think I may have studied the wrong chapters…”

“It wasn’t HORRIBLE. I probs could’ve done worse..”

“I mean it was kind of easy! A little bit!”

“I didn’t study the wrong chapters… I think it was just a hard test…”

“If this is college… well..”


“It’ll probably be all okay!”

If there is something in this world that can give me anxiety it’s college tests. These tests are over like a TON of information that we have learned in like 3 weeks and they’re stressful. They feel a little bit like high school mid-terms or finals. The source of most of the anxiety stems from honestly NOT knowing what to expect, wondering how the teacher is going to test, freaking out making sure you studied enough, and just an all around fear of failing. LOL, or at least that’s how I feel about it.

Instead of focusing on my anxiety and how I will fix it, I need to give my anxiety to the Man who can fix it all. I need to give it to the Writer of my future, the Big Guy upstairs who holds my plan. I Peter 5:7, it says, “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.” We can take our frustrations out in front of Him, because He CARES for us. He WANTS us to be successful and he WANTS us to trust Him. God cares about all the decisions we make. He cares about waking us up in the morning, to what we eat, to who we talk to, to what we say. He knows how many hairs we have on our heads, He knows how many grains of sand are on the beach, He knows how many stars are in the sky. In the Bible, it talks about how God cares for the birds and if He can take care of the birds, don’t you think He can and WILL take care of us?  He cares about the stupid geology tests. That’s comforting to know that the Lord really does care about the silly little things. We can literally hand the Lord ANYTHING and He will take that burden because He LOVES us. The Lord is strong and can handle anything we throw at Him even a Geology Test.

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