15 things I learned my first semester of college

Cue the Christmas movie marathons, endless cups of coffee, sweaters, snuggling, and maybe some snow because it’s CHRISTMAS BREAK. WOO. I absolutely can’t believe I am one semester in to my college career. I remember move in day like it was yesterday. This semester has FLOWN by. I have learned so much not only just in class, but about life too. Some people say, “you do a whole lot more growing up in the first 4 months of college than you do in 4 years of high school…” and I couldn’t agree more with that. This entire semester of college has been filled with sweet sweet memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I am truly blessed to be attending Oklahoma State University. If you asked me to make a list of everything I’ve learned this semester it’d take a really really really long time. But, I’ll share 15. So, here’s a list of 15 things I’ve learned my first semester of college:

  1. I’ve learned that random-potluck roommates can become your very best friends. I met my roomie through a potluck type of way, and I couldn’t be more grateful. From our mutual obsession with sour-gummy worms, Frozen, Christmas, Ed Sherran, fish (rip flippy), Chili’s, and Aspen. I am thankful for super late night delusional conversations, random trips to the store to play in the arcade, and all the pep talks. The Lord really had such a hand in this friendship, and I’m so grateful. Brooke B. rocks.
  1. I’ve also learned that the professors in college are not as scary as I thought they would end up being. I had this idea about college professors, that they were super big and scary. But, I have absolutely LOVED getting to know my professors. Some of my classes have had close to 150+ students but the professors still seem to really want to get to know the students. Something that I’ve loved doing is going to the professor’s office hours just to meet them in person and to get to know them better.
  1. Something that I’ve also learned no matter how much I try to convince myself that food on campus is good, it’s just not. I’ve tried. I’ve really really tried, but it’s just not as good as home cooked food. Which, I guess is college right? NOT that I’m complaining! It’s just NOT as good as home cooked food. Rancher’s club is really good though. I do love RC.
  1. In college, you really learn how to study and study the right way. Which is great, because all of a sudden you have more time and it’s weird time. I’m not saying I’m not busy, because sometimes I’m busier than I want to be. BUT, there’s more time and different times to study and do work. The Library also rocks, at least at OSU is does. It sounds super cheesy, but it really is cool. (and now I sound like a total nerd but, it’s okay. I’m fine with it.)
  1. In College, I’ve met people from ALL walks of life. I’ve met people unlike anyone I have ever met before. From places I’ve never been before and some of those complete strangers became my super close friends. Like, for example: I met one of my sweetest friends, Rachel by literally running into her. We were walking out of an assembly one of the first days of welcome week and I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking and I literally bumped into her. I apologized and then we started talking. She asked me the kind of things I was wanting to get involved in on campus, and I told her finding a church was a top priority for me. She said that was one of the things she was looking for too, and that’s how I met one of my best friends. I also met one of my super close friends at a campus event and ever since the 3 of us have done pretty much everything together. And when college is stressful and all you want to do is cry, having friends you can laugh with really help. I’ve also met so many friends in my classes! In one of my classes we actually took a selfie with all of us and promised to all meet up next semester. I’ve also been blessed by the friends I had coming into college, and still being close wit them. It’s a true blessing to know people who know you so well. I’ve learned just how important friendships really are to surviving College.
  1. I’m thankful for my “Jesus Jams” in my car when I’m stressed or bored. I’ve loved getting to explore Stillwater and it’s nice to just throw in my worship CD and drive until I realize I’m lost. I’ve learned it’s absolutely wonderful to get lost in a place that feels like home. Stillwater rocks.
  1. Every Wednesday night I get to teach a sweet little 2-year-old class at church. I’ve learned a whole lot of patience from those little kids, but I’ve also received so much love from them. There’s honestly nothing more rewarding than getting to watch these kids grow up and knowing that I had a super small part in helping them grow up with Jesus. Little Life Kids has taught me so much, and I’m so grateful to get to hangout with those kiddos every week.

8.  Moving away from home and going to college really makes me miss my parents. They have taught me so much, and I’m so grateful for them. I genuinely miss them a bunch up in Stillwater. If anything happens, they are usually my first call. My car died? Call Dad. Can I take this medicine with this medicine? Call Mom. Flat tire? Call Dad. It’s nice to know they are always on the other side of the phone with tons of advice.

  1. I’ve learned that eating pizza, qudoba, and dough pokes really late at night are NOT dumb decisions. They also bring along great memories. PLUS: this is college right?
  1. Dorms are gross. That’s all I’m going to say.
  1. Stress in college is 100% inevitable. It’s going to happen and you just have to make it through. It took a whole lot of prayer, coffee, and sleepless nights to start to understand this. And for a little while, I felt like I was the only one experiencing stress. LOL pretty much no one understands what he or she is doing either. So, it’s all-okay. During finals week, I saw quite a few people stressed out. I watched a guy break a clipboard and 6 pencils in the library and the next day I watched a girl cry about not studying enough for a test. We’re all in this together, right? (Cue HSM)
  1. I’ve learned that the future might be scary, but that I can’t run back to the past just because it’s what’s familiar to me. I’ve got to move forward. College is all about growth and learning WHO you are going to be. The world can and will define you if you let it.
  1. The Lord has shown me this semester that HIS plan is truly better than anything I could possibly come up with on my own. I never once thought growing up that I’d be attending Oklahoma State University. But, the Lord is so incredibly faithful. He totally rocked my world by leading me to OSU and I can’t wait to see what else He has in store!
  1. I am learning this semester how important and precious the time I get to spend with my sisters is. BOY, am I thankful for them!! I called them last week, totally stressing out about finals week, and they were so encouraging. I have loved getting to spend time with them over Christmas break! They really do rock.
  1. I’ve learned that I’m still learning. I am NO where near having everything figured out. Which could be scary, but I know who holds my future. I find it comforting to know that I don’t know everything. Because, I still have 3 ½ years at OSU and a whole lot more life to live and I’m sure those are going to be filled with even more memories.

I’ve said it hundreds of times, but I am super thankful for the opportunity to learn so much and meet so many people this semester. And in the spirit of Christmas, I’m going to go watch Home Alone and bake cookies now.

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