spring rain

Happy Happy Happy Spring day!! It’s spring break!! WOOOOOOOO! In Edmond, OK it is currently 57 degrees and raining. This qualifies as my all time favorite weather. Spring rain goes on my list of my most favorite things. I think it’s because it’s so peaceful, calming, and sweet. And I can still wear my Chaco’s, so that rocks too!! I think (JUST) spring rain is my favorite because it’s followed by sunshine and flowers. Sunshine and Flowers are also two of my favorite things too. Spring is my favorite season if you haven’t gathered yet.

There is one part about spring that makes it something that is not my favorite things, Tornadoes. I’d like to pretend that I’m a normal Oklahoman who could sit outside and watch tornadoes go by. But, I can’t. They freak me out. They always have, and I’m pretty sure they always will. I can remember the very first time I had an encounter with a tornado or a “super scary scary storm.” I was in first grade, and it was close to the end of April. I was sitting in Señora Hite’s Spanish class. Shortly after class started, the principal came in and told my teacher we needed to go into our “spots” for tornado that was headed towards Edmond. Luckily, we were in a classroom that was used as a tornado shelter so, my class did not have to move. A couple of other classes walked in a we all sat around and waited for more news. Most of my classmates sat and colored. I was not. I was freaking out. I remember getting in trouble for pacing the room. Little 6-year-old me, literally freaking out. I don’t remember why someone in the hallway decided to use the vacuum cleaner but, someone did and you can probably guess what happened next. I flipped out. I was convinced that the vacuum going off in the hallway was the tornado. (who vacuums during a tornado anyway….. it wasn’t funny to me. it’s kinda funny now..) That may have sparked my fear of tornadoes. LOL. But whatever did, I’m always going to be uneasy when it comes to tornadoes. I’ve gotten to now appreciate a good thunderstorm, I just haven’t crossed the bridge into loving tornadoes yet but maybe one day!!!

There are times in life that we are going to walk through storms, and it comes down to a choice. Are we going to have a Zoe 6-year-old freak out? Or are we going to trust that Jesus has a plan to see us through our tough time? I’m gonna go with the later of the two. Just because we are followers of Christ doesn’t mean we aren’t going to walk through storms, We just don’t have to walk through the storms of life by ourselves!!!! How cool is that?? That the Creator of the universe wants to walk through our trials WITH us!!!! God uses trials and storms to teach us!! Most of the time, we don’t understand why the Lord is letting us walk through such tough times. We just have to trust that there is a reason for these situations!!!! I can’t describe a better feelings than having pure uncertainty about a situation and then seeing the Lord’s divine hand in it. I couldn’t tell at the time, but SEEING His work and His love in my situation gave me indescribable peace. God is SO good!!! It’s so funny to look back and see things that I thought I wanted, and now knowing that God had something so much more incredible than anything I could imagine. We don’t always know what He’s doing and why He let’s scary storms happen in our lives, BUT we know who HE is!!!! Ephesians 3:20 talks about how God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think!!!  When God fills our hearts and our minds, we are unstoppable. In Romans 8:28-29, Paul talks to the Romans about how we know that for those who LOVE God, that all things work together for good!!!! It doesn’t mean we get a, “Super scary Storm” pass!!! We just get an understanding of knowing that God’s plan is going to work out because we TRUST Him!!!

When it storms, don’t forget what’s to come!!! The super super pretty flowers of spring!!! My memory verse for the week is Lamentations 3:22-23 which says, “The steadfast Love of the Lord NEVER ceases!! His mercies NEVER come to an end!! They are new EVERY morning!! GREAT is your faithfulness!!!” God’s mercies and His love NEVER end!!! They are NEW every morning!! How precious is that!!! E V E R Y morning they are new!! That reminds me a lot of spring rain, it brings newness with it!! No matter the storm, I’m thankful I don’t have to walk in it alone!!! I’m also thankful for flowers, flowers rock.

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